We run on enthusiasm, energy and an undeniable passion to add value to the lives of our clients.

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Meet the founder of Nese HR,
Franco Trapanese (FCIPD)

Over the past 20 years, Franco has worked across a number of sectors, supporting and advising a variety of companies across multiple industries. From the likes of retail to hospitality, manufacturing, consultancy, education, technology, charity and wealth management. Franco’s diverse portfolio means he can adapt his HR support to suit any client, without compromising on passion and professionalism.

Franco prides himself on being able to remove any HR pressures from his clients, given his operational and wealth of experience. Whether acting as an extension to your current HR department, or outsourcing him as an independent strategic consultant, Franco is ready to take on any challenge your company might face, to avoid those costly tribunals.

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A professional, commercial and friendly bespoke HR solution

Our passion goes above and beyond simply supporting businesses with their HR agenda and people management strategy. We strive to add value to the lives of our clients and their company. From start up businesses to fast-growing teams, we work with companies of every shape and size, and relish the challenge of any industry within the private sector.

We are big believers in getting to know our clients. We want to hear their story, their mission, goals and objectives, as well as their challenges, business culture and current strategy. We are committed to delivering a number of solutions and recommendations, empowering clients to confidently make their own decisions.

We don't add barriers We don't say ‘can’t’ We empower.

Our values


Driven entirely by the needs of those we work with, NESE HR is committed to growing, nurturing and retaining relationships with our clients. We take pride in listening and communicating with clients, so we can fully understand their requirements and offer them expert advice best suited to their needs.

Empower Businesses

We believe in facilitating, advising and supporting our clients, so they feel empowered and confident to make HR decisions with their business in mind. At NESE HR it’s never about talking ‘at’ clients, instead, we talk ‘with’ clients and build a two-way relationship.


We get it, thinking and talking about your HR challenges can be overwhelming, which is why we are putting a stop to overcomplicating HR chat by using unnecessary technical jargon and terminology. We respect and value you, which is why we pledge to deliver clear advice at all times.


With more than 20 years of industry experience across many industries, NESE HR promises to deliver expert solutions tailored to you and your business. Our knowledge across multiple sectors enables us to provide an agile and diverse solution to your everyday HR need.


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If you’re looking to lean on our expertise and to take away any burdens you may be facing, or generally need HR advice, then get in touch with NESE HR today. We work remotely and pride ourselves on being able to support clients across the country.